Saab Club of Canada


About Us

May 7th, 2015

Welcome to Saab Club of Canada! We are a group of people who are in love with our Saab cars! We bet that you’re one of the pack too! But if you are curious about this Saab thing, let us help you with this small information from Wikipedia:

Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish premium car manufacturer. It was formed in 1945 when Saab AB began a project to design a small automobile. The first production model, the Saab 92, was launched in 1949

The Saab cars were first introduced way back in 1945 and until today, they are still produced, though the original company, the Saab Automobile AB no longer exists in its entirety. Enough of the history, we are here to celebrate our Saab cars and ownership and we will outline the purpose of this website.

One of the main purpose of the website will be to gather news and information about the past, current and possible future models of the Saab cars. As some of you may know, there are still future plans for newer car models from Saab.

For the beginners, we will write articles and posts about the past and history of Saab and its present state. This is to help them understand the value of Saab cars and if they are still active and will remain active in the future years.

Lastly, we will discuss Saab cars in further details and this is especially aimed for enthusiasts. We will help you look for the best deals and parts available out there.