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History of Saab Cars

May 8th, 2015

If you are aware of the Saab cars, you are probably wondering about its history and origins. This is a line of premium cars based in Sweden. Way back in 1930s, there’s a Swedish plane manufacturer that goes by the name Saab AB, “Svenska Aeroplan AB (aktiebolaget)” (Swedish for “Swedish Aeroplane Corporation”). It was established in 1937 to serve one purpose, to build aircraft for the Swedish Air Force in order to protect the country’s neutrality as World War II approaches. Then, as the war fades away, the need for aircraft weakened and they began to look for alternative ways to continue generating profit. Since the need to get individuals quick and safe from one place then to the next was on the rise, they started to make their way into the market of automobiles. In this way, in 1944, Project 92, or the production of the first Saab car started.

The Saab 92 had an extremely fascinating feature but it was a reasonable event when you consider the man who drew up the car used to plan planes: it had a low drag coefficient of 0.31, one that numerous modern cars still struggle to accomplish.

Sister autos 92.002 and 92.003 were driven on every conceivable kind of road surface and with 92.001; they have timed up more than 530,000km (approx. 331,000 miles) – proportional to 13 journeys the around the world and normal of Saab’s dedication to intensive testing.

Saab entered two cars in the 1950 Monte Carlo rally. Both completed the thorough occasion. Saab proceeded in rallying until 1980, when a few factories started to spend such a great amount on the game, that little Saab could never again be competitive.

In the 60s, the general course for Saab was greater, as the 99 model demonstrated. It additionally got more power, as the 99 was turbocharged, a feature common on later cars as well, a custom for the Swedish automaker from that point on. Toward the end of the decade, Saab came to the 1 million cars mark.

Their current models, the 9-3 and the 9-5, are based on Opel chassis and are fabricated in Sweden and Germany. The SUV model 9-7x is being assembled in the United States, in the state of Ohio. Presently, the organization has declared that it would be discharging another hybrid SUV, the 9-4X, after the end of the 9-2X, essentially a reimaginedSubaru Impreza.

Saab Slogans

  • The Swedish Car with Aircraft Quality (first English slogan)
  • Go Swift – Go Safe – Go Saab (advertisement page – 1970s FIA Year Book)
  • The most intelligent cars ever built. (1980s)
  • Find your own road. (1990s)
  • A Saab will surrender its own life to save yours. (1990s)
  • Welcome to the State of Independence (early 2000s decade; United States)
  • Born From Jets. (2003–09; United States, Canada)
  • Move Your Mind. (current global slogan)
  • People Who Test Drive a Saab, Usually Buy One
  • It’s A Pity Other Cars Aren’t Built This Way
  • We don’t make compromises. We make Saabs.
  • It’s what a car should be.
  • Beyond the conventional (1990s United Kingdom).
  • The Command Performance Car.
  • The Well-Built Swede