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Why Saab Cars Retain Their Value So Well

September 29th, 2015

Saab cars have gone through financial difficulties, not because their cars are poorly made, but because of the economic crisis the entire world has to go through. They have struggled for years, even if they have exerted their best to recoup their losses and regain their position in the car industry, which they have lost after all the mishaps.

The company would like to maintain its legacy, thus, it was sold to a Hong Kong-based company, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden. The former owner, General Motors, did not appreciate the merge, as he said that it would possibly compromise the GM-patented engineering that the company has exclusively developed for SAAB. However, they were left with no choice. The company is struggling, they want to still be known in the market that is why they have accepted NEVS offer. Now, the company is gradually coming back in the limelight. The Saab 9-3 model which was released in 2014, was sold out in Sweden. It is definitely a good start – they are known for its uncompromised quality, thus, the demand to acquire their newest model has dominated Sweden, giving them a good sales on their return.

Well, apart from its latest model, old ones dated 2008 and below are available in the market. In spite of the reason that these were released few years back and the financial issues that the company had to face, the costs of the cars are still expensive, compared to those other brands’ aftermarket value.

So a lot of people are asking, why Saab cars retain its value? That’s because of their exemplary performance. People who have experienced using Saab cars can attest to that. Although the company has struggled for years, they never let their vehicles suffer. They still use well-engineered equipment to ensure the owner’s safety and to avoid costly repairs.

When we reached out to Konig Motors, the leading used luxury car dealer in Calgary, they commented the following “You don’t often see engines that hold up so well over 200,000 kms. Saab is an example where you see this in every car.”

To correct the misconception other people think about its maintenance and repair, the company still continued the production of their parts to ensure that all areas are mitigated in case their old vehicles require repair. There are reputable SAAB mechanics in different places, thus, owners are guaranteed that their vehicles are attended accordingly.

It can definitely be a fantasy to car enthusiasts to see Saab cars dominate the roads once again. However, the mismanagement and the bankruptcy turmoil that has haunted the company will make such occurrence close to impossible. If Saab wants to liberate their brand, a company that has a solid foundation and a futuristic drive can successfully revamp them – and we hope NEVS is the company that will bring them back to the pedestal.